Friday, July 30, 2010

Urgent Letter from Senator Fred Thompson! Please Support the Cause.

Dear Fellow American: President Obama and the Congress have a nasty habit of doing exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time. Here’s the perfect example.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

United States Vs. The State of Arizona: Feds file suit to stop Arizona immigrant law




Job Creation
• Tax incentives for business attraction and job creation
• Mandatory use of e-Verify to ensure legal work status
• Work in conjunction with corporation commission for common sense regulation reform

State Accountability
• Immediate and independent review of all government salaries and budgets at every level
• Equal application of laws to all citizens and visiting dignitaries, elected officials and government bureaucrats included

Strengthen Arizona Constitution
• Protect civil rights of legal citizens
• Term limits for all elected offices
• Mandatory 1 year break for term limited officials seeking another elective office

Immigration and Border Security
• ILLEGAL is NOT a race
• Secure Arizona border and state lines
• Enforce immigration laws
• Repeal of sanctuary city and anchor baby laws

Caroline B Condit, Candidate
House of Representatives, District-15

John Harris, Treasurer
Josh McDaniel, Committee Chairman

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fourth of July

Today is, to many, “just another day”, but to me it has taken on a new meaning.

Today we currently have, so very much, yet at the same time stand to lose so very much.

Our freedoms were outlined and fought for long ago, yet today are being given up without so much as a second thought by many.

Apathy has reared it ugly head and I have been as much to blame as many others.

I was too busy raising two children, going to school, working and living life to pay attention to what “Washington” was doing or not doing, right in front of me.

Well, TODAY, I have to stand with many other of my fellow Americans and do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SAVE THIS COUNTRY WE SO LOVE.

I would ask we all take time to read or re-read our founding documents.
I would suggest we look up the definitions to the following words:









See how they fit in today’s society and if they personally sit well with you.
Have a bar-b-que, go for a drive and just take in YOUR COUNTRY and ask yourself this question:

Is this worth keeping or tossing out?

I choose KEEP!
GOD BLESS AMERICA. Keep HER and each and every one of us safe from harm.

Have a safe and happy July 4, 2010, it very well could be our last!

Please VOTE…..