Thursday, December 31, 2009

Platform Points

Fiscal Accountability: Immediate and independent audit and budget review of all Government departments and salaries at every level. Make working with Arizona government easy by centralizing all government services.

Equal Application of Law: Once a law is passed it will apply to all citizens equally.

E-Verify: Utilization of funds previously set aside for this process. Assure compliance through legal channels.

Job Creation: Commit Arizona government to approve routine business applications within 48 Hours. Work with Arizona localities to get all necessary paperwork and forms for small business start ups online using a fast track permit process for small businesses. Encourage businesses already in good standing to expand by allowing temporary licenses while awaiting approval. Encourage “service” industry jobs at all levels. PUSH for tax incentives to businesses.

Shore Arizona Constitution: Verify our state sovereignty.

Review to repeal all outdated laws. Set term limits for all elected offices to two (2) terms. Mandate a one (1) year “set out” between termed officials seeking another elected government seat, regardless of office.

Caroline B Condit

Jerry Eismann Treasurer

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Elect Carol Condit District 15 State Representative

I am Caroline B Condit.

I am an American female nurse who, out of a deep love of my GOD and my country, can no longer deny what I see happening to my country as not being a catastrophic time in my life.

I feel a fear and discord in those I speak with on a day to day basis. I sense the dis-ease that is weighing on peoples shoulders and hear the uncertainty in their asking what we can do to stop this march to the potential loss of our freedoms.

I realize that sense of dis-ease as I too feel it.

I can not stand by and expect “someone else” to fight for my freedom if I too am not willing to step-up to the challenge.

I come from a very diverse background.

I am the daughter of a military wife, 2 military fathers.

I raised two great children on my own.

I am a survivor of a child sexual predator attack.

I have a diverse work background that includes: 40 years as a Nurse, Cosmetologist, rape and suicide counselor, prior authorization Nurse and patient care coordinator for a couple of Insurance third party administrators.

I have worked as an EMT/EMT-A a search and rescue volunteer. I have also worked as an Insurance agent a Loan Officer and a Public Speaking Teacher. I hold an AOS in the Holistic Healthcare field, am a Life Coach and Hospice CLN with Grace Hospice, (a wonderful not for profit Hospice) and last but not least a rescue foster mom for animals cast aside.

I am an AMERICAN first and foremost, who believes our Founding Fathers took their own freedoms to heart enough to fight to assure that same protection to future generations.

I, therefore, feel obligated to my American forefathers to continue their cause today, in protecting our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution, by serving my fellow American Citizens, man, women and child.

Please help me be a Conservative Republican voice for us in 2010.

Vote Condit2010

Our Freedoms depend on it.

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Source: Carol Condit for AZ State Representative LD15